Telford Street Park

All pictures on this page courtesy of Mike Troughton unless otherwise credited
Main entrance, Telford Street Park Construction, August 1926.

(Evan Macdonald)

Grandstand from main entrance. The stand, which seated 550, replaced the old one which was destroyed by fire in 1950, along with much of the Club records. Inside the turnstiles (Alan Stewart)
Highland League Championship Flag.
It's your favourite spot. Did you get a piece?
Mike Troughton, Howden Ender.
The Howden View

see and hear the Howden End

24 September 1993. A stunning free kick by Colin Mitchell in the last minute gives Caley a 3-2 win over Elgin City in their last ever visit to the Caley Park.
By popular request- the famous trees

(photos courtesy Ian Mitchell)

In the Howden End before a match.
Howden Enders
Under new ownership! (Alan Stewart)
The grandstand from the Comet End, formerly the Distillery End.
Sunday, 6 October 1996. Following a match between ICT and a Highland League Select, George Macrae removes the nets for the last time. Note that all the advertising boards have already gone.
From the former site of the main stand. (Alan Stewart)
The bulldozers move in.
Saturday, 9th November 1996, the day Caledonian Stadium staged its first match. Back at Telford Street, the remains of the stand can be seen on the left.
The tunnel area and the Caley dressing room (Alan Stewart)
A shot of the canal and the Dalneigh around 1955. Caley Park is on the right with the Glen Mhor distillery. Thanks to DJS.

This shot courtesy of Alan Douglas.

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