(on a) Life Support Machine

This page is my tribute to Howden Enders everywhere, and in particular those two jolly chaps (you know who you are lads, take a bow) who edited LSM, the Caley fanzine, for 17 issues, and, maintaining their independence and refusing to be "bought", embarrassed the Caley committee and players from late 1990 to the bitter end in May 1994.

In no particular order I present to you a selection of articles, photos and cartoons, witty or otherwise, that give a flavour of what it was like in the Howden End in the early nineties. Keep checking for updates.

1) "The Famous Caley Animals", an article by "Mouse" on his fellow fans

2) "Thistle all end in Tears", by Jonathan Northcroft. This appeared in "When Saturday Comes"

3) Handy Hints No 2 - Colin Mitchell (from LSM 2)

4) A Saturday in the Life of Mad Dog (from LSM 14)

5) Stick Your Merger Up Your Arse! (from LSM 17)

6) ...and Skinner has Scored! (cover from LSM 4)

7) The Tortoise and the Hare (fromLSM 9)

8) Leishman and Calder (from LSM 8)

9)....and it's over to Bill McAllister in Dingwall (from LSM 9)

10) Clach Shares (from LSM 8)

11) Cover of LSM 8 (notice the 3 "driving" references)

12) Charlie asks for a Transfer (from LSM 4)

13) Fraser Taylor aka Juglugs (from LSM 4)

14) Caley Action (???) Men (from LSM 9) Parts 1 2 3

15) The John Beaton Diet (from LSM 5)

16) The Caley Song (from A.K.O.B. 2)

17) Authentic 70's Football Shirts (from LSM 7)

18) Cover of LSM 9

19) Interview with Caley stalwart Kevin Mann (from LSM 8)

20) Editorial from LSM 17 (the final issue)

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